Frequently Asked Questions about Computing Devices

Page Updated: January 23, 2020

Guidance on Computing Devices (for devices that cost less than $5,000)

For awards made on or after 12/26/2014 which are subject to the Uniform Guidance

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1) I am preparing a proposal and would like to request a computing device. Where should I include information about my computing device request in the proposal? ( View Answer )

2) I am preparing a proposal and would like to request a computing device. However, I am using a modular budget. What should I do? ( View Answer )

3) If I identify a post-award need for a computing device, what should I do? ( View Answer )

4) How does the timing of the computing device purchase affect whether or not it is considered "essential" and "allocable"? ( View Answer )

5) May an expense for a single computing device be charged to more than one project? ( View Answer )

6) What factors determine whether the computing device should be a direct or F&A expense? ( View Answer )

7) What information would help me justify that the computing device is essential and allocable to the award? ( View Answer )

8) I wish to purchase a computing device for a graduate student who will work on my project. Do you have any examples that I could review before preparing my own justification? ( View Answer )

9) What does "not solely dedicated" mean regarding how much a computing device should be used for a project? ( View Answer )

10) Who will review and approve post-award requests for computing devices? ( View Answer )

11) What is the applicability of the updated computing devices guidance to awards issued prior to the Uniform Guidance? ( View Answer )

12) What account codes are generally used for computing devices? ( View Answer )

13) What if a computer is part of a larger piece of equipment, and there is one price for the equipment that includes the computer? Would it then still be considered part of the equipment purchase and tracked? ( View Answer )