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WISPER is the tool for routing applications and agreements related to extramural funding on the UW campus.

For help, please e-mail wisper@rsp.wisc.edu.


Commitment FAQ's are now available!

Enter commitments for all Key Personnel identified in the award. If no personnel are identified in the award, enter commitments for the PI & Co-Investigators only.

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Document Types

The following types of applications and agreements are routed through WISPER. When creating a WISPER record, a Document Type must be selected. This WISPER Document Type will indicate how to best manage the application and award. The Document Type is also used for annual reporting to the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.

Code Description Comments
BAA Business Associate Agreement Agreement entered into by a Covered Entity and a Business Associate that manages the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) by the Business Associate for the Covered Entity.
CDA Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Non-disclosure Agreement,
Confidentiality Agreement
Agreement permitting the exchange of information that is confidential to one or more parties.
CTA Clinical Trial Agreement Application for funding in which the agreement will govern the conduct of research study that explores whether a medical strategy, treatment or device is safe and effective for humans, or shows which medical approaches work best for certain illnesses or groups of people.
CoopAgreement Cooperative Agreement Application for funding for a public purpose that anticipates substantial involvement between the Sponsor and University in carrying out the activities under the award.
CosReimCon Cost Reimbursable Contract Application for funding which if awarded will be an agreement between the University and the Sponsor that requires RSP to invoice at some frequency for the funding. Actual costs incurred by the project will be reimbursed by the Sponsor at the agreed upon time increments (e.g. monthly, quarterly).
DUA Data Use Agreement Agreement entered into for the sharing of a Protected Health Information (PHI) that has had specific identifiers stripped out to make a limited data set.
FeeForServ Fee for Service Application for funding a vendor relationship where the University serves as the vendor and provides a routine service, which meets predefined specifications.
FixPriceCon Fixed Price Contract Application for funding which if awarded will be an agreement between the University and the Sponsor that provides for a set price and does not require a final financial report or a refund of the balance upon project completion.
GradSchool Graduate School DO NOT SELECT this type. The OVCRGE oversees award setup for the Graduate School. Only OVCRGE Accounting staff should use this project type.
Grant Grant Application for funding to assist the institution in fulfilling a particular institutional goal or public purpose; supports further knowledge in a particular subject are or field of research. Most applications for funding should use this type.
Hatch USDA Formula Funds Award,
Applications for the UW annual USDA Formula Funds awards commonly known as Hatch. Administered by CALS.
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement Agreement under which a UW employee is detailed to work for the Sponsor for a defined period of time.
In-MTA Incoming Material Transfer Agreement Agreement that governs the transfer of tangible materials (not data) from an external party to the University, when the University PI intends to use it for his or her own research or evaluation purposes.
Internal UW System Application to a UW System Entity which will not be funded via a Fund 133 or 144 project.
Master Master Agreement Agreement which itself doesn’t provide funding to the University, but provides the terms under which subsequent tasks or addendums may be executed to efficiently pass funding to the UW.
NFA No-Fund Agreement Agreement where no funding is being provided to the University; however, in course of the Research mission, it is necessary to agree to additional terms. Examples include: Memorandums of Understanding, Collaboration Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Software Agreements, and Data Sharing Agreements.
NIHTrain NIH Training Grant Application for NIH T32 funding.
NoCostExt No Cost Extension Request for a No Cost Extension which extends the project period beyond the original project end date. There is no additional funding.
Other Other

If you are unable to determine the type of document you are working with or believe that your document is not represented above, please select other.

Out-MTA Outgoing Material Transfer Agreement Agreement that governs the transfer of tangible materials (not data) from the University to an external party, when the recipient intends to use it for his or her own research or evaluation purposes.
OVCRGE Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Should be used only with WISPER records that will be routed and managed by the OVCRGE (e.g. Fall Competition, Recruitment, Retention, Department or Lab Shares, etc.).
SubProject Sub Project Select this Document Type when you would like to add a new Project Number to an existing award.


For all activities performed in facilities not owned by the University and to which rent is directly allocated to the project(s), the off campus box should be checked and subsequently, the off-campus F&A rate should apply.

Paper Copy to SPO

If all of the files required for this application to be submitted cannot be uploaded to this WISPER record, if more than 25 pages are required for RSP to print, or if original signatures of both campus personnel & RSP personnel are required, please select this box and then route the materials with a printed copy of this form through your appropriate channels then on to RSP.

Related Record

If this record is a continuation, renewal, or supplement of an existing award or if this record is a resubmission of an existing record, please indicate the prior record here. If this record is an MTA providing materials for an existing award, select the existing award here. If this record has a Confidentiality or Intellectual Property Agreement that has already been executed in support of it, select that prior agreement here.