WISPER Updates

We are continuing to work on updating WISPER to ensure it meets campus needs. We will be including the updates listed below in training materials as time permits but the following information lists the updates and date implemented.

For help, email wisper@rsp.wisc.edu

Affected Item Implementation Date Issue Update
EMAIL RESPONSE ON PI SIGNATURE October 27, 2009 Notification after PI signs proposal signature when user requests PI signature. Send email to those who have used the PI signature request function when the PI signs the proposal signature on the record.
DATE, TIME & USER ON ATTACHMENTS October 27, 2009 Information about who loaded the attachment & when is now available. Addition of date/time stamp and user who uploaded each attachment on the attachment tab.
APPROVAL DETAILS ON COMPLETED RECORDS October 27, 2009 Information on actions and communications on previous records. Capability to view approval response details when the record is in status 6 or 7.
SEARCH PAGE UPDATES October 27, 2009 Additional functionality and fields added to search pages. Deptid now has a begins with/contains option. Status now has <,<=,=,>=,> option similar to WISDM functionality. Addition of proposal funding status (pending, accepted, refused) Add proposal type (new, continuation, supplement) Add Award ID. All supplements, continuations, etc where a new award is not created can be located by searching on the Award ID to which they are funded.
COMPLETED NEGOTIATION EMAIL October 27, 2009 More information provided to campus when agreements without funds managed in PeopleSoft distributed to campus. Update the email sent upon negotiation completion to include more information regarding the type of record, sponsor, title & PI. In addition to all individuals on the email table managed by your Division offices, the email will also go to the campus contact on the record.
MY WISPER FOR DIVISION USERS October 27, 2009 Facilitation of users ability to determine whether their personal or Division worklists launch first. Updates to MY WISPER page for those with division roles to include separate tabs rather than a drop down for "to myself" and "to my Division."
SECURITY UPDATE October 27, 2009 Ensure communication is on new records only as appropriate per routing guidance. Update Attachments and Approvals security so dept email contacts cannot edit or attach when the record is in status 6 or 7.
RSP USER WORKLISTS October 27, 2009 Better workload management through additional information about prior activities. RSP Worklist updates to include date/time stamp on each worklist section
AWARD SETUP CONTACTS AS APPROVER October 27, 2009 To streamline getting to the appropriate individual responsible for completion of the project details, a table will be in place and set up projects details will be sent to them directly. A new table was created to maintain award set up contacts. The table can be managed by the Division representatives. When a user is on this table and RSP sends an approval to Set Up Projects, the approval will go to any and all users who match the Department on the General Tab. This eliminates the middle step of the Division offices locating correct users in each department.
VALIDATION OF SET UP PROJECTS APPROVAL October 27, 2009 An automatic validation will run when an attempt to approve a "Set up Projects" approval is performed. The validations to ensure all details required to complete the project set up function will run when the approver responds with APPROVE to “Set up Projects” approval. The list of warnings and errors will display. If there are any errors, the user will be returned to the record to correct the information. If any warnings, the user has the option to proceed with the approval response or to cancel and return to correct the information.
COMMITMENT PI October 27, 2009 Default of Award PI into Project details commitments The Award PI from General Page now defaults into the project details commitments section
SUBAWARDEES INCLUDED ON APPLICATION May 26, 2009 New subaward indicator on general page A new indicator of whether or not subawards are included in the application materials is included on the General Tab and required for all PeopleSoft eligible records.
COMMITMENT VALIDATIONS May 26, 2009 Effort validation in WISPER The total percent of commitments will validate from WISPER ensuring that users receive errors if the commitment entered puts the Key Person over 100% commitment for any given time frame.
COMMITMENT INQUIRY April 15, 2009 All WISPER users now have a commitment inquiry function in SFS. All WISPER users can now search all existing commitments (not pending but those on funded projects on generated awards). Access is through the left menu SFS Extensions hyperlink.
NEW ROLE April 15, 2009 View Only Security Role A new security role for users with campus wide responsibilities such as IRB and Equity reviews has been created. This allows users to see all records without having been a participant on them.
MTA DOCUMENT TYPES April 1, 2009 MTA document type split into Incoming & Outgoing MTA document types The existing MTA document type is no longer available for selection. All exisitng records will stay with MTA but new records created must distinguish whether it is an incoming or outgoing MTA.
MY WISPER November 18, 2008 Action Date field to facilitate worklist use Action date column added to all MY WISPER sections. For Approvals section, display original date requested. All others, displays the date of last campus owner change to facilitate knowing when records arrive in your MY WISPER.
APPROVAL LABELS November 18, 2008 Approval labels clarified Add Approval button changed to Initiate New Approval Request. Details hyperlink changed to Review/Approve.
PROTOCOL ENTRY November 18, 2008 Access to protocol details from projects page A protocol details hyperlink has been added to the Projects Tab to facilitate entry. Responses to the protocol question have been added to the protocol detail page.
ATTACHMENTS November 18, 2008 Deleting attachments Warning before delete attachments
WISDM LINK November 18, 2008 Access to WISDM MY Projects WISDM hyperlink added to MY WISPER and SEARCH page footers.
EDITING BY SPO November 11, 2008 Ability to edit general page Users with the Sponsored Projects role can update the General page when the record is in all statuses other than 6-Completed or 7-Withdrawn.
STATUS UPDATES May 9, 2008 Additional WISPER status for In Set Up An additional status 4.5 has been added. It will be used to differentiate between records that are in negotiation by RSP and require no campus action (status 5) and records for which the award or agreement has arrived and is in the process of collecting project & protocol details for set up.
PI SIGNATURE May 9, 2008 Additional button to trigger PI signature request Information originally only included in the footer has been moved to the header and to it, a button allowing users to trigger an email to the PI providing information on WISPER and instructions on how to sign. As a side benefit to administrators, clicking this PI Sign Request button will show them if and when the PI has signed and if and when previous email requests were sent.
APPROVAL EMAILS May 9, 2008 Emails on response update The email response update implemented on April 1 did not include all users who were the requester, requestee, and all responders on the approval. Such is now the case.
PROJECT TYPE May 9, 2008 Searching for project type Upon selecting the Add Project Type button on the Project Details page, the search is run so that you can see the list of available options
FINALIZED AGREEMENTS May 9, 2008 Security Access Users who are recipients of the emails indicating a WISPER record has been finalized now have security access to view the attachments.
SPO UPDATES May 9, 2008 Updates for SPO Users Changes to the Negotiation Status options and the elimination of the SPO checklist. Addition of Action date and Sponsor Reference Number on SPO Worklists. Changes to sort priority on SPO worklist.
APPROVALS EMAILS April 1, 2008 Emails on response An email will be triggered to the Approval requester when a response is made. This email will include the action and comments made.
ADDITIONAL RSP ADMIN ROLE April 1, 2008 Admin & Post-award Role A new role for RSP to allow the administrative & postaward staff to access all records and update the attachments and critical fields on the SPO Action page.
PI SIGNATURE April 1, 2008 Creation of record will trigger email to PI Rather than use an approval to trigger the PI to sign a record, a check box will be added to the Create Page allowing an email to be sent to the PI to let them know that the record has been created and that their signature will be required before submission or approval by RSP.
RSP WORKLISTS March 15, 2008 Advance Award Requests A section has been added to the RSP Manager Worklist for incoming advance award requests for all records in status 1-4. Previously these records were sent to the last RSP owner.
APPROVALS March 15, 2008 What approvers can do. Approvers can no longer edit & route the record. They can only respond to and add approvals and view all pages including attachments.
SEARCH March 15, 2008 Details When you select a record, it will launch in a separate tab. You can then return to the previous tab to locate the search criteria and results as needed.
COMMENTS March 15, 2008 Moved to own tab Comments which previously were located in a button on the footer of the general page are now located on their own tab and editable throughout the life of the record.
ROUTING EMAIL March 15, 2008 Comments have been added The ability to add comments to the next recipient of the record has been added. These comments are included in the email sent to the new recipient and are recorded on the new comments tab.
WITHDRAW March 15, 2008 Divisions can now withdraw records Those users with Division role status can not place records in 7-Withdrawn Status by selecting the button on the Division Action page. This should be used for duplicate records or records created in error.
MY WISPER March 11, 2008 Status 5 items We have created a fourth section in the MY WISPER Worklist for items in 5-Negotiation/Setup to allow users to monitor these items without them being in their In box and distracting from items that must be moved through the system quickly. Items in this section that have Projects require collection of the Project Details.
SEARCH March 11, 2008 Due Date added The due date of the materials has been added as a field in the search results.
SEARCH March 11, 2008 Status 7 items We have made the default search to exclude items in Status 7-Withdrawn. You can include these records if need by selecting the checkbox on the bottom of the search criteria.