Annual Anniversary E-mail

What is it?

A solution developed out of the APR Award Closeout team project. An automated annual email notice is sent from “” to PIs, research administrators, and the RSP accountant at exactly 30 days before the anniversary start date of a multi-year award. The email is only sent to awards with a remaining duration of 13 months or longer.

Purpose of Anniversary Reminder Email

The purpose of this annual e-mail is to provide helpful reminders to the PI and research administrators regarding the management of the award, including the timely submission of reports and invoices.

Like the automatic e-mail that is currently being sent to all awards 60 days before their end date, this e-mail will provide links and instructions for various actions they may want to take, such as initiating cost transfers, closing encumbrances, and following up with sub-awardees. This e-mail, though, will only target those awards that are not expiring in the same year, and they will be sent 30 days before the anniversary of the award start date since a number of annual deadlines are tied to that anniversary date.