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Notice 84-1
July 19, 1983

TO: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairpersons and Secretaries
(for distribution to all Faculty)
FROM: William J. Vance, Associate Director
SUBJECT: Gifts-In-Kind

Gifts-in-kind, sometimes referred to as non-monetary gifts, require formal acceptance by the Board of Regents. As in the case of extramural grants and contracts, gifts must have campus approval prior to their presentation to the Regents. To accomplish this, all relevant information pertaining to the gift must be routed through appropriate channels using a transmittal form.

In the past, gifts-in-kind were routed using the standard "Extramural Support Transmittal Form". Much of the information on that form, however, is not applicable to gifts-in-kind. Therefore, to expedite and simplify gift processing we have developed the Gift-in-Kind Transmittal Form and a brief set of instructions.

Effective September 1, 1983 all gifts should be routed using this new form. Since it is difficult to determine the quantity of transmittal forms each college may require, we request that each Dean or Director obtain a supply of the new Gift-in-Kind Transmittal Form (for distribution to their departments and/or faculty as needed).

Gifts-in-Kind are of substantial value to the University. It is extremely important that they are all reported to, and accepted by, the Board of Regents to assure proper insurance protection and inventory control (if appropriate). The assistance of each Dean�s Office in monitoring compliance with this policy, and in assisting faculty and departments in analyzing individual gift-in-kind situations will be appreciated.

Link to Gift-in-Kind Transmittal Form

If you have any questions concerning this memo or gifts-in-kind, contact Robert Andresen at 608-262-2896.

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