University of Wisconsin-Madison
Request for Account Number in Advance of Award
UW Form 88-1 (Revised 10/1/98)

No account number can be assigned until this form with all the required information has been provided and ALL CLEARANCES (as noted in the original or attached Extramural Support Transmittal Form) have been approved and are on file at Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP).

Using a mouse: Click in a field. Type information in the field or click on a value in a menu field.

Using the keyboard: Click in the first field. Type information in the field or use the down and up arrow keys to select a value in a menu field. Use the tab key to move to next field.

Note: The information entered into this form cannot be saved.

Completion Required

1. UW Proposal Number

2. Agency/Sponsor

Prime source of funding, if pass through:

3. Project Title

4. Principal Investigator


5. Primary Spending Edits

Unit Division Department Activity Code(s)


6. Begin (mm/dd/yyyy) End (mm/dd/yyyy)

7. Does the project involve biological materials?

8. Does the project involve human subjects?

9. Does the project involve vertebrate animals?

10. Does the project involve cost sharing and/or documented match?

11. Justification

Brief statement (or attached documentation) of your efforts to verify that an award is forthcoming.

12. Sponsoring Agency Contact


13. Amount Approved (for College/School use only)


14. Contact to Notify with Account Number(s)


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Printing the report: After the report has been reviewed print it out. Select "File", then click "Print".

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Route the completed/printed report for signatures to: Principal Investigator(s), Chair(s)/Director(s), Dean(s)/Director(s). Then route to RSP Peterson.

RSP returns a completed copy of this report to: PI, Chair(s)/Director(s), and Dean(s)/Director(s).

Clearing the form: The "Clear Form" button (below) clears all of the values that were entered into the form (above).