Gift Form Instructions

The new web based gift form is available for routing one or more checks for gift projects to your Dean’s office and RSP for action. The form can be used when one or more checks need to be deposited into one or more projects, all which are under the same division (College of Ag & Life Sciences, School of Nursing, College of Letters & Science, etc.). If checks need to be deposited to accounts in multiple schools or colleges, one form is required for EACH division.

To complete the form, you can either:

Start a new entry by selecting the "ADD CONTACT" button.

  • Select the “ADD CONTACT” button and look up the person who can answer questions about the information on this form.
  • Enter the information about each check you wish to deposit. After entering each check, click the "SAVE CHECK" button. You can add more checks by selecting the "ADD CHECK" button. A new set of blank information to enter additional checks will appear after selecting the “ADD CHECK” button.
  • Select the “ADD PROJECT” button. You can look up existing gift projects using Option 1 or you can enter information to request a new project in Option 2.
  • Once the project information is entered or selected, you will return to the main entry screen. Enter the amount of money from the check(s) listed above to be entered into this project. Edit any information needed and answer all clearance questions. Click the "SAVE" button.
  • You can add as many projects as needed as long as they all are within the same campus division (College of Engineering, School of Medicine & Public Health…)
  • When all information is complete, select the “PRINT” button. A pdf version of the information you entered will be available. Print this form for routing with the check(s).


Use the “BROWSE PAST ENTRIES” button which will allow you to select from previously completed forms. Click the “BROWSE PAST ENTRIES” button and enter any of the search data to limit responses. From the results list, choose the previous form from which you wish to copy information. The project & contact information will populate into a new form. Complete the entry of the checks to route and update any project information necessary.


The form is required to be signed by the:

Principal Investigator – only if this is a new project not yet created in the system. For additions to existing projects, the PI is not required to sign.

Department Chair – is required based on your division’s requirements. Please check with your school or college’s research division for requirements in this area.

Division - is required in all cases.