Cost Accounting Guidelines: College/School Process for Approval

For awards made before 12/26/14 which are not subject to the Uniform Guidance

Replaced by new guidance - 11/25/2014

After reviewing the guidelines and determining that there are unlike circumstances, the PI/Department should complete the College/School Authorization Form and submit to their Dean’s office for approval. The Dean’s office will forward approvals to RSP. The specific process for review may vary by college or school. Please check with your dean or director’s office for more information.

Roles and Responsibilities

PI/Department Role

  • Determine a need for an item that may or may not be allowable. It is preferable that this need is identified and addressed during proposal development. However, it may also happen during the life of a project.
  • Complete the College/School Authorization Form and submit to Dean’s office.

Dean's Office/Division Role

  • Review the College/School Authorization Form and approve or deny.
  • Send approval to PI/Department.
  • Copy RSP on the approval and attach the original request form.

RSP Role

  • Review College/School approval and file DAF in folder.

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