December 14, 2006


To: Deans
Department Chairs
Budget Officers

From: Darrell Bazzell, Vice Chancellor for Administration

Subj: Update on Policy on Assessments for Graduate Assistant Tuition Remissions

This memorandum provides an update on plans for changing the current policy on assessments for graduate assistant tuition remissions. Background information regarding the rationale for implementing the change was presented in my June 26th memorandum (attached), which also outlined the basic model and approach that would be used to replace the current method of charging units for graduate assistant tuition remissions. The information below is meant to provide more specific detail in how the new charge will be implemented as well as confirm the anticipated timeline. Some of the items have been excerpted from the previous memorandum.

Finally, if you have questions regarding any aspect of this policy change, please refer to the attached FAQ. If additional information is required, please keep in mind the following:


xc: Chancellor Wiley
Provost Farrell
University Committee
Tuition Remission Task Force
Tuition Remission Implementation Group

FAQ Regarding Tuition Remission Charge

June Tuition Remission Memo