Page Updated: May 28th, 2019

What is Cayuse424?

Cayuse is a web-based system for submission of applications via The system is easy to use, provides significant auto-filling of forms, extensive error checking and the ability to see the entire proposal before submission.

What can you apply for with Cayuse424?

Cayuse should be used for electronic submissions to federal agencies.

If the funding opportunity is not already retrieved it's easy to load an opportunity by searching for your opportunity number in the “Download Opportunities” button on the Opportunity tab.

If you do not have it on your Funding Opportunity Announcement, look it up by going to and follow the link that says "Find Grant Opportunities."

Important Dates: RSP recommends that you submit your application to your Dean's Office five business days in advance of the deadline. This allows enough time for review, error correction and resubmission before the deadline. It is certain that will slow down in the days and hours prior to a deadline because of limited bandwidth.

Please review these Cayuse Submission Reminders.

Professional Profile

Do you need a professional profile created?

If the individual is at UW-Madison, RSP needs to create the profile. We will need to link their NetID to their profile so they will be able to log in. Please email with their full name, NetID and contact email address and we will create the profile for you. If the individual does not have automatic PI status at the University, please indicate if PI status will be needed for an application (example: F30, F31, F32 applications).

If the individual is not part of UW-Madison, you are welcome to create their profile by following the steps below.

Create Professional Profile (for non-UW personnel)

  1. Login to Cayuse using your NetID and your NetID password
  2. Click on the People tab
  3. Click Add Person Person
  4. Fill in the name and Create New Profile
  5. Under General Purpose Information, verify or fill in name, degrees, and demographics.
  6. From the bottom of the box, verify or fill in contact information; eRA role (usually Principle Investigator); etc.
  7. Click on the save button (diskette next to your name in the gray horizontal bar), changes will also be saved automatically when you continue to another section.

Institutional Information

Once the Professional Profile is created it must be affiliated with an institution. This is achieved by linking the Professional Profile to an Institutional Profile.

  1. Click Add Institutional Association Institutional Association
  2. Select the Institution* where they are from (example: University of Michigan)
  3. Click Create Institutional Association
  4. Once an individual (Profile) is associated with an institution, basic institutional information (e.g., fringe rates) will be auto-filled into that individual's Professional Profile.

*If you cannot find the institution you are working with, please email with the name, address, DUNS and indirect rate and indirect rate type and the proposal team will add it for you.

Cayuse Tips and Tricks

  • Information stored in the Professional Profile is auto-filled into the grant proposal once that individual is named as a PI, Senior/Key Person or Authorized Representative.
  • If Appointment Type is not entered into the Professional Profile, Cayuse424 will not be able to auto-calculate salary on the budget pages.
  • Please include 21 N. Park Street, Suite 6301 Madison, WI 53715-1218 as the Performance Site of the Cayuse Profile as it will be linked to The Board of Regents in the final application.

Training Opportunities

  • Cayuse 424 - This hands-on session will demonstrate how to create a professional profile, and prepare and route grant applications: Register via OHRD
  • Or send an email to if you would like to set up a training session for your unit.

Where can I go for help with Cayuse424?

  • For web browser issues, please check with your technical support person
  • For non-urgent questions, send an email to
  • For help related to creating or routing a Cayuse record or an urgent proposal issue, please email or call the Proposal Team: Brenda Egan and Darlene Holte.
  • Cayuse Support Center
    Offers phone and email support. You must create a separate username and password to access the support center.