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Page Updated: May 15, 2023

The management and administration of sponsored programs is complex and must be carried out in compliance with UW policy, federal and state laws, sponsor requirements and award terms and conditions. UW Research Administrators must navigate policies, procedures, and systems in an effort to ensure that sponsored programs are appropriately managed while providing excellent customer service. The courses and resources below will help individuals understand and implement these responsibilities to ensure compliance and protect the university and faculty.

RED: Research-Education-Development is RSP's educational program for research administrators at the UW. RSP is currently collaborating with campus subject matter experts in dean's offices and departments to ensure development of high quality and beneficial learning experiences through the RED program.

Through RED, we hope to provide a network of resources to staff, build competencies across campus, and promote efficiency and compliance in an open and inclusive training environment.

RED Courses: RED Registration Here

  • Basic Introduction to Research Administration at the UW (On-Demand)
  • Cayuse: Introduction to Federal Proposal Creation
  • Cayuse: Subawards and Multi-Project Proposals
  • Closeout
  • Cost-Share
  • Cost-Transfers
  • Excel - Harnessing the Power of Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to Agreement Types (On-Demand)
  • Introduction to Proposal Preparation and Budgets (On-Demand)
  • Introduction to WISPER
  • NIH Budget Building
  • NSF Proposal Preparation
  • Outgoing Subawards (On-Demand)
  • Post Award Management: Payroll and Commitments
  • Post Award Management: Purchasing, Travel, and Subawards
  • Post Proposal Submission Requests (JIT)
  • Sponsored Project Audits (On-Demand)
  • The Award Setup Process
  • Understanding Contract Negotiation
  • You Have a Project, Now What?
  • WISER for Grants Management

New RED Courses Coming Soon!

  • Allowability and Cost Principles
  • Compliance for the Research Administrator

Information for UW-Madison CPAs

RED courses can count towards informal learning activities to meet CPA CPE requirements.

Learn more at

Please apply professional judgement in computing the number of CPE credit hours claimed.

Check here for more information as it becomes available. If you have questions or comments please contact Melanie Hebl, Education Coordinator in the Research and Sponsored Programs Office. or 608-890-3068

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RED Coaching Request

RED Coaching Request: Would you like a subject matter expert to come and demonstrate a skill for you? Would it be helpful for someone to show you how to use a particular system or tool? Are you looking to have a few research administration questions answered? Let the RED program help find you someone to answer your questions.

RED HOT Topic Discussion Groups

RED hosts periodic discussion groups covering hot topics in research administration. These sessions typically consist of a brief presentation by a subject matter expert and include a lot of time for Q/A and group discussion. These opportunities promote networking with UW-Madison colleagues while learning about important issues in the field. If you have a topic that you would like discussed in the future, please submit it for consideration.

RED Course Materials

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RED Course Facilitators
Ryan Albrecht
Research & Sponsored Programs
Post-Award Accountant
Jennifer Cox Bell Photo
Jennifer Cox Bell
Research & Sponsored Programs
Grants and Contract Specialist
Kelly Belshaw
Research & Sponsored Programs
Effort Administrator
Becky Bound
Department of Pediatrics
Associate Director, Research
Kris DeArmond Photo
Kris DeArmond
Research & Sponsored Programs
Advanced Accountant
Shelly Earl
Research & Sponsored Programs
Grants System Business Analyst
Brenda Egan
Research & Sponsored Programs
Financial Program Manager
Kyle Everard Photo
Kyle Everard
Research & Sponsored Programs
Audit Coordinator
Sandy Fowler Photo
Sandy Fowler
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Director, Business Services and Post-Award
Erin Goeldner Photo
Erin Goeldner
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Senior Research Administrator
Sheila Hayden Photo
Sheila Hayden
College of Letters and Science
Senior Research Administrator
Melanie Hebl Photo
Melanie Hebl
Research & Sponsored Programs
Education Coordinator
Angie Johnson Photo
Angie Johnson
Research & Sponsored Programs
Non-Federal Accounting Manager
Timia Joseph
Research & Sponsored Programs
Grants System Business Analyst
Casey Kettler
Research & Sponsored Programs
Contract Negotiator
Amy Kuehn Photo
Amy ES Kuehn
School of Veterinary Medicine
Assistant Director
Marci-Rae Kukula
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Post-Award Accountant
Allison Lynch Photo
Allison Lynch
Research & Sponsored Programs
Senior Grants and Contract Specialist
Tammy Kuhn Martin Photo
Tammy Kuhn Martin
College of Engineering
Assistant Dean
Nick Novak Photo
Nick Novak
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Larisa Roberts Photo
Larisa Roberts
Research and Sponsored Programs
DHHS Post-Award Accountant
Jennifer Rodis Photo
Jennifer Rodis
Research & Sponsored Programs
Policy/Planning Analyst
Christy Schulz Photo
Christy Schulz
School of Medicine & Public Health
Administrative Program Specialist
Catherine Shults
Research and Sponsored Programs
DHHS Post-Award Accountant
Zach Smith Photo
Zach Smith
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research Administrator
John Varda Photo
John Varda
College of Letters and Science
Assistant Dean
Effort and ECC Related Trainings

Payroll must be certified for faculty, staff and trainees who have salary charged (direct or cost shared) to federally sponsored projects. Project-based payroll statements are certified biannually by the project's Principal Investigator. ECC (Employee Compensation Compliance) is the web-based system used to facilitate these certifications. Learn more here.

"ECC for Certifiers" is mandatory for PIs who need to complete certifications.

"Basics of Effort, Commitments and Payroll Certification" introduces the most important concepts in all three realms. While not mandatory, faculty, and other members of the research community that engage in sponsored projects, will find the overview useful.

Additional UW-Madison Training and Resources for Research Administrators

UW-Madison Business Services Training provides relevant courses and resources to ensure that UW-Madison employees have the knowledge and skills to perform their purchasing and financial responsibilities accurately and efficiently. Find courses here on topics related to Accounts Receivable, Billing, Capital Equipment, Gift Management, Expense Reimbursement, Purchasing, and More.