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Understanding Indirect Costs

Page Updated: May 17th, 2018

Indirect costs are a topic of discussion on campus and across the country. These costs are also known as Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) to reflect the broad categories that make up indirect costs. There is often some misunderstanding about what indirect costs are, how they are calculated, and how they are used. The Association of American Universities and other organizations have created three short and helpful documents that address some common issues: Federal Government-University Partnership and Costs of Conducting Research, Costs of Federally Sponsored Research, and Frequently Asked Questions about F&A Costs. Also see the COGR document on Comparing Foundations to Federal Research Support. Please contact RSP for other questions.

Award Lifecycle

Finding Funding

Find internal/external resources and links to funding opportunities for supporting your research.

Proposal Preparation

Software, tools, and information on getting your proposal routed and submitted correctly and on time.

Agreement Negotiation

Information on the agreement negotiation process.

Award Setup

Once award is accepted, this will guide you through the process to get your award set up.

Award Management

Monitoring of expenditures, invoicing, and financial reporting, processing sponsor payments, modification of existing awards, and sub-agreements.

Award Closeout

Ensures all appropriate expenditures have been applied and results in the closing of the account.

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