Award Closeout - 60 Day Email

Page Updated: January 23, 2020

This standard email is sent automatically, 60 days before the award end date listed in SFS/WISER..

Subject: Award MSN123456 within 60 days, PI: [name]


Our records indicate that your award, [project title], university number MSN123456 (please click on the link for the award details including project number(s), budget, and sponsor information) is scheduled to expire on 04/01/2012. After 04/01/2012, the project will be ended to assist you in making sure no more charges are added to the award.

If there are co-PIs and their staff who may also play a role in closing this award, please feel free to forward this notice as appropriate.

If you have a multi-year award, this auto-generated notice potentially may not apply to you. If you are unsure, please contact your department / center administrator, your Dean's office, or your RSP accountant.

If you intend to request a no-cost extension (NCE) of this award from the sponsor, please review and follow the procedure outlined at:

If you have a subaward recipient on this award, coordinate with the subaward recipient to ensure that final deliverables, reports, and invoices are sent in a timely fashion. If the subaward recipient requests an NCE, follow the procedures above to request an NCE from the sponsor before approving the subaward recipient's request. A sample email to communicate with the subaward recipient is included here.

If you do intent to close this award, please take the following actions to help facilitate the timely submission of final reports, invoices and closeout of this award:

  • With your department administrator or assistant, review expenditures to ensure costs are allowable, allocable, reasonable and consistent with the terms of the agreement.
  • If anything needs to be paid, e.g., invoices or travel reimbursements, do that now.
  • If there is a mistaken charge on your award, ask your department administrator to initiate cost transfers. The cost transfer policy can be found here, and the new web-based tool used to prepare and process cost transfers is located here. Quick webcasts demonstrating the use of this tool from a PI perspective can be found here.
  • If required, make sure all progress (technical), invention and/or property reports are on track to be completed by sponsor deadlines.
  • If the research included equipment purchases, check whether or not title to the equipment remains with the UW. You can do this in the Requirements tab of the award's WISER record. If UW does NOT retain title to the equipment, please have your department administrator or assistant contact your RSP accountant for further instructions.
  • With your department administrator or assistant, review any open encumbrances and request that they be closed if final payments have been issued.
  • If there is billing (e.g., MDS, FPM, and DoIT) that needs to continue, work with your department administrator or assistant to transfer charges to a new funding source.
  • Review employees paid from this award, and ask your payroll staff to move salaries to a new funding source after the award end date.
  • Work with your Effort Coordinator to ensure that effort certifications will be complete. Additionally, ensure that cost-share commitments will be met.
  • Your RSP Accountant will work with you or your department administrator as the award is ready for final reporting and invoicing.

NOTE: This email address is not set up to receive reply messages. If you have any questions, please contact [contact name] in your Dean's office or [RSP Accountant Name] in RSP.