Instructions for Principal Investigators to submit NSF Reallocation of Funds out of Participant Support

Page Updated: April 15th, 2020

Purpose: Instructions to guide Principal Investigators through a National Science Foundation (NSF) reallocation of participant support costs (PSC) using

Owner of Document: Research & Sponsored Programs NSF Team

How Reporting May Impact Requests

  • If there are any past due interim reports, these must be completed first since the request will not be allowed in the system until you are up to date (see & Reporting-Project Reports-Reports Due).
  • If the Final Project Report and/or Program Outcomes Report has already been submitted, the PI will need to contact the Help Desk at 1-800-381-1532 or to request the report(s) be deleted or withdrawn so that the award status reverts to "pending." This will enable the Principal Investigator to make the reallocation request in
  • Reach out to your RSP Accountant with any questions.

Helpful Tips about PSC Reallocation Requests

  • Requests to reallocate funds out of PSC should be submitted in No WISPER record is necessary.
  • Any reallocation requests should be submitted during the life of the award (i.e. within the award period of performance).
  • The Primary PI on the award is the only person who can initiate and submit this request. The PI should work closely with their research administrator in their unit or department.
  • Once the request is prepared and submitted, routes it to the RSP Post-Award Accountant for review and approval. If there are questions for the accountant, they should be asked prior to submitting the request.

Instructions for Initiating, Preparing, and Submitting a Request

  1. Log in to
  2. Hover over Awards & Reporting and click Notifications & Requests
  3. On the top left, click Prepare New
  4. Select type of change: Budget Activities
  5. Select notification/request: Reallocation of Funds Provided for Participant Support Costs
  6. Click Go
  7. Enter the NSF award number at Step 3 (7-digit NSF ID Number or Reference Number from WISER)
  8. Click Prepare New
    • The award details will automatically generate. You can view the Award Amount as well as the Approved Amount of Participant Support Costs from which you are requesting to reallocate. Within the Revised Amount section, enter the amount that should remain in the Participant Support project to cover your expenses
    • Confirm there is a funding balance in the PSC project, the balance cannot be $0
  9. Fill in the Justification for Reallocation of Funds for Participant Support Costs section. The justification should include the following details:
    • Provide the amount you are reallocating out of Participant Support
      • Indirect costs will be applied against the funds you are moving out of PSC into the non-PSC project
    • Explain what these funds will be used for within the non-PSC project
    • Confirm there will be no change in scope of work (if there is a change in scope of work STOP and contact your RSP Accountant for instructions)
  10. Click Save & Submit (This will route within to RSP for review and approval)
  11. Notify your RSP Accountant by email as soon as you submit!