Extramural Support Policies & Procedures - Required Approvals

Page Updated: January 23, 2020

Required Approvals and Communication Guidelines for Collaborative Projects

Purpose: To standardize and streamline requirements for approval on projects involving multiple departments Dean's offices.

Proposals: When submitting new or revised proposal budgets, it is important to confirm that the committed effort of all key personnel will be available upon award. While you may be able to confirm this for collaborators in your own unit, you will need to request approval for collaborators outside your unit. For information on approval processes within each school/college, please consult with your dean’s office/designee. After creating a record for the proposal in WISPER:

  • In the Approvals tab, create an Approval Type: “Other Dept or Div Resource”
  • Provide the following information in the request box:
    • Name of collaborator(s)
    • Dates of proposed effort
    • Percentage of grant-funded effort being committed. If effort will not be grant-funded, cost-shared amount and funding source should be identified
    • Explain other resources requested from that unit, if appropriate
  • Upload project budget in the Attachments tab
  • Select the Approver Type: “Dept Res.” Using the search screen, indicate the collaborator’s unit. The approval will automatically be sent to the approver(s) for that unit. For determining the collaborator’s home unit, use the Salary Look-up for Proposal Preparation tool on RSP’s web site. If the collaborator conducts research primarily in a Center or unit other than his/her home unit, you may send an approval request to that unit’s information rather than the home unit.

Upon receipt of the request, the Approver will:

  • Verify that proposed effort will be made available in event of award
  • If required by department or division policy, confirm with collaborator’s Chair/Director
  • Indicate to Requester whether promotions or other salary increases are expected during dates of proposed effort
  • Respond in a timely manner with Approved, Denied, or by providing Comments

Project in Advance of Award: signature of submitting Dean's Designee only indicates that they have gathered the WISPER approvals of the other departments and dean's offices.


  • Additional projects beyond the original set up - signature of all Deans' Designees
  • Budget changes - signature of PI and PI's Dean's Designee
  • Supplemental funds - signature of PI and PI's Dean's Designee
  • Cost-sharing - signature of all Deans' Designees
  • Expanded edits - signature of all Deans' Designees
  • Change of PI within School/College - signature of new PI and PI's Dean's Designee
  • Transfer of grant to different School/College - signature of all Deans' Designees
  • Transfer of grant to different institution - signature of PI and all Deans' Designees
  • Payment issues - signature of PI's Dean's Designee