Checklist for the Preaudit of Travel and Requisitions

Page Updated: January 23, 2020

(All answers should be "yes" except as qualified.)


  • Is travel allowable as part of this award?
  • Is travel appropriate for this award?
  • Are travel costs less than or equal to the maximum costs allowed?
  • Is travel within the award period (unless pre-award costs are approved)?
  • Is foreign travel authorized?
  • Are US air carriers used? (Exceptions are allowable only in limited circumstances. Cost savings is not an exception. See GSA guidance on Use of U.S. Flag Air Carriers.)
  • For contracts and subcontracts that require a Request of Approval of Foreign Travel form, has the form been submitted in the specified time period prior to the planned departure date for any foreign travel?


  • Is the requisition for an outgoing subagreement? - All outgoing subagreements are now processed through the Subaward Portal.
  • Are requisitions issued within the award period (unless pre-award costs are approved)?
  • Are equipment purchases reasonable for the research when ordered in the last month of the terminal year of the award?
  • Are equipment purchases allowable under the terms and conditions of the award?
  • Are the effective dates for memberships and maintenance and service agreements within the award period?
  • Are consultant agreement costs less than or equal to daily maximums?