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Frequently Asked Questions on Direct Charging of Administrative and Clerical Salaries

Page Updated: February 15, 2021

For proposals submitted and awards made on or after 12/26/2014 that are subject to the Uniform Guidance.

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1. Under what conditions would it be appropriate to request administrative and clerical salaries as direct costs to my grant? ( View Answer )

2. What should I include in my proposal to request approval for these costs? ( View Answer )

3. Must these costs be approved by the Federal awarding agency? ( View Answer )

4. What if I am submitting a proposal to a non-federal sponsor? What should I include in my proposal? ( View Answer )

5. What is the difference between programmatic activities and administrative/clerical activities on a grant? ( View Answer )

6. For what types of projects might administrative and clerical salaries be considered integral and allocable? ( View Answer )

7. If I am submitting a modular grant application and wish to request administrative and clerical salaries, what should I do? ( View Answer )

8. The Uniform Guidance states that direct charging of administrative and clerical salaries may be appropriate only if all four conditions are met. The fourth condition is, "The costs are not also recovered as indirect costs." Who is responsible for making sure that this condition is met? ( View Answer )

9. Is it possible to charge 100% of my administrative and clerical staff person's salary to a single sponsored project? ( View Answer )

10. Can I share the total cost of admin/clerical salaries across multiple sponsored funding sources? ( View Answer )

11. My administrative/clerical staff person spends less than 20% of their time performing critical activities that support my project. Why can't I charge a portion of their salary to my award? ( View Answer )

12. Will effort need to be certified for administrative or clerical staff? ( View Answer )

13. I am temporarily direct charging the salary of an administrative/clerical staff person to a Federal project. This individual is normally paid on 101 funds. What will happen with the 101 funds for the period of time they are being paid on the Federal project? ( View Answer )


14. What if I decide after the project has started that I want to pay an administrative/clerical staff person on my award? (see #15 for NIH-specific information) ( View Answer )

15. What if I decide after the project has started that I want to pay an administrative/clerical staff person on my NIH-sponsored award? ( View Answer )

16. What should I do if I receive a cost transfer where the PI/department is trying to direct charge administrative and clerical salaries? ( View Answer )