Terms/Requirements Guidance

Page Updated: January 19, 2023


To help UW-Madison manage sponsored project funds, the Shared Financial System contains a list of terms to provide supplementary information for awards. The terms associated with an award appear in the WISDM Requirements tab under the Terms and Conditions section. The intent is for the terms to be used as an aid in award management, although their inclusion is not a substitute for familiarity with the award document itself. Terms are selected to highlight certain conditions that govern agreements. A glossary (WEB | PDF ) was created containing definitions for Requirements tab terms.

Process Overview

RSP Pre-Award staff enters items into the WISPER Terms tab at the time of award. After the award set-up process is complete, the Notice of Action Taken e-mail is automatically generated and e-mailed to the PI/Dean/Departmental contacts. This e-mail contains the terms associated with an award. Campus users should immediately contact award@rsp.wisc.edu if an important term is missing or requires amendment during the initial award setup stage. The terms information also appears in the WISDM Requirements tab so that all campus users have access to the information. During the life of the award, please contact the RSP Accountant for questions about specific award requirements.

Location of Terms in WISPER

The image below represents an example of the WISPER Terms tab for an award.

Terms in WISPER
Location of Terms in WISDM Requirements Tab

The image below represents an example of the WISDM Requirements tab for an award.

Terms in WISDM
FDP Transition to RTC

In WISDM, a flag has indicated “FDP?” with the response “Yes” or “No.”  The “FDP?” response has indicated “Yes” when one of the following terms has been included: FDP, FDP Demo, or RTC.  This information has been located with the demographic information for an award:

FDP Flag

In the late 1980s, the Federal Demonstration Partnership made available a set of standard terms and conditions for federal awards. They were known as the FDP General Terms and Conditions, or the FDP Terms.

Fast forward to July 1, 2008. Federal agencies participating in the FDP implemented use of the Federal-wide Standard Terms and Conditions for Research Grants, known as the Research Terms and Conditions (RTCs). The RTCs replaced what used to be known as the FDP Terms, and they were available to all grant recipients, not just FDP members. The RTCs were updated in June 2011.

In December 2014, 2 CFR 200, also known as the Uniform Guidance, was implemented. The implementation of the Uniform Guidance rendered the June 2011 RTCs inapplicable for new awards. As of December 2014, agencies attached their own individual agency’s terms and conditions to award documents.

In April 2017, a group of Federal agencies implemented a new set of Research Terms and Conditions (RTCs) to be used for awards made under the Uniform Guidance. The latest version of the RTCs are found at this website: https://www.nsf.gov/awards/managing/rtc.jsp. Note that a limited number of Federal agencies (including NIH & NSF) use the RTCs, but DOD, for example, does not.

Given that the FDP Terms have morphed into the RTCs, and with the advent of WISER, the flag in has changed from “FDP?” in WISDM to “RTC?” in WISER.

In WISER, the “RTC?” flag appears in the award’s demographic information, on the right side of the screen:

RTC Flag

Research Terms and Conditions definition

In WISER, awards that incorporate the Research Terms and Conditions will include “RTC Research Terms & Conditions” in the Requirements tab and include “RTC? Yes” in the award information.  The Research Terms and Conditions are a set of standard administrative terms and conditions that can be used by research agencies on research and research-related awards that are subject to 2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance).  Be aware that individual agencies may impose more restrictive requirements for their own awards, as described in agency-specific requirements.  An award document also may contain terms and conditions specific to an individual project.  The Research Terms and Conditions, a list of agencies that use them, and agency-specific requirements are available at: http://www.nsf.gov/awards/managing/rtc.jsp.